A Dental Crown in One Visit: The Wonders of CEREC®


CEREC® or more elaborately the Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic is the ultimate use of digital technology in dentistry which offers wide-ranging benefits to the patient. It makes use of two machines. The computer-assisted design (CAD) unit and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) unit provide patients a variety of treatments that can be completed in a single visit. More specifically this could translate to a dental crown in one visit: the wonders of CEREC®.

How A Dental Crown in One Visit: The Wonders of CEREC Works

The process is fairly uncomplicated. It follows the steps listed below:

  1. Prep Work: The first step is to establish if CEREC® is appropriate for the patient. The dentist will access this by looking at your tooth and reviewing the options available. Once the decision to use CEREC® is taken, the doctor will use anesthesia and prepare the tooth by removing the decayed material and week tissue.
  2. CEREC®’s 3D imaging: A specialized digital camera is used next to take a 3-D image of the tooth needing restoration. The CEREC®’s 3D software then uses the image to make a virtual model of the tooth under repair.cerec-dental-crown-one-day-3d-image
  3. Manufacturing the Part: The virtual model is passed on to the milling machine situated on the site so manufacturing can be done with the help of computers. This process takes roughly fifteen minutes.
  4. Replacement of the Manufactured Part: Once the newly created part is polished, it can be bonded into position by the dentist.

Benefits of CEREC®

The idea driving the creation of CEREC® was to make the dentist visits as hassle free as possible. As Dr. Acevedo, a dentist in Ontario California, notes, it is best for a patient to take off just one day of work to get their dental treatment and reduce the days they miss work. This allows for the patients to not lose days of income, and it also saves them a lot of time. Some of the most common irritants associated with visits to the dentist are eliminated when CEREC® is used including:


  • Impressions are no longer needed, hence no more mess, choking or bad taste to deal with.
  • The number of visits reduced, as the whole procedure can be completed in a single visit.
  • Fewer visits cut down on the number of injections.
  • Saves time due to fewer visits, no more waiting for your structure to be manufactured.
  • Saves money when fewer visits are made to the dentist office.
  • Temporary restorations eliminated due to the single step process.
  • The restoration is as close to the natural tooth as possible giving a more comfortable fit.
  • No metallic materials used in the new structure.
  • The restorations last longer, as long as twenty years.

When is CEREC® used?

CEREC® can be used on anyone to carry a variety of procedures. It is being used to produce crowns, makes fillings, place inlays/onlays and at times bridges. It can just as easily be employed to replace old silver fillings, which contain mercury, as well as the white (composite resin) fillings. A badly damaged tooth which may otherwise have to be extracted stands a better chance of being saved with CEREC®.

 A dental crown in one visit: the wonders of CEREC® were first developed in 1980 and the first patient treated in 1985, technological improvements have perfected the system and made it more precise and efficient.